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Pickup Information

What do I need to bring?


Physical Drivers Licence


  • Name of Hirer

  • License held for 12+ Months

  • International licenses are limited to un-resticted drivers

  • Translation needed if not in latin alphabet

Physical Plastic Credit Card


  • Name of Hirer

  • Bank Cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners cards)

What will happen on the day?


Our team will scan your license into our system for security measures using PCI & PII compliant technology.


The team will confirm your details and ask for additional missing information. e.g. Phone Number & Email


​The team member will then run through booking details ask if you want any optional extras or coverage.


Unless already paid & checked-in prior to rental, the team will ask you to both pay for your rental and swipe your credit card to place a Pre-Authorisation using our EFTPOS machine. This pre-authorisation will be stored for the duration of your rental for charges that may be incurred. See our Pre-Authorisation page for more info.


Once all paperwork is signed, our team will direct you to your car to inspect the vehicle and ensure it is satisfactory. The team will mark off all physical damages you or they may find. Be sure to check thoroughly as this will assist in ensuring damages found after you drop the vehicle back aren't attributed to you. This is also a great time if you have any questions for the team.


Once checks are done, the team will provide keys and wish you a safe and happy journey.

Order & process may vary from location to location. If you have any further concerns before your pick up, please consult our Terms & Conditions

Understanding your Pre-Authorisation


Pre-authorisation is a procedure where a temporary hold is placed on your credit card for a specific amount before handing over the car. This is done to ensure that the customer has sufficient funds to cover potential damages, additional fees, or unpaid charges that may occur during the rental period. Once the rental is returned without any issues, the hold is released, and the actual rental charges are processed. Holds may take up to 28 days to be released automatically out of our system.

If your Pre-Authorisation remains active on your statement 14 days after return, please contact our team.

If you don't owe additional charges, this release may show up different in your bank account and does not show as a charge. Instead the previous hold line item will be removed. This will look different to a refund.


For information about hold amounts click here

Below is an example of what a Pre-Authorisation release may look like.


Pre- Authorisation Release (right)


Refund (wrong)

Understanding Damage Liability


Our Damage Liability options are designed to protect you from unforeseen accidents or damages that may occur during your rental period. When you rent a car from one of our locations, you automatically receive a standard Damage Liability coverage included in the rental price. This basic coverage ensures that you are only responsible for a predetermined damage liability amount in the event of any damage to the vehicle. However, for added security, we offer additional packages that reduce your damage liability even further, providing you with enhanced protection and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses in case of an unfortunate incident. For information about Daily reduction rates & Liability reduction amounts visit our Damage Liability Page.

If you have had an accident along your journey please fill in our Damage Report

For Damage Liability information please consult our Terms & Conditions

Further questions

If you have questions that we haven’t been able to answer for you in our FAQs, here’s how to reach us:

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