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Drop-Off Information

What will happen on the day?


Check your car has enough fuel before returning if you haven't already purchased prepaid fuel.


Check your car for damage and advise the team of new damage that may occur. Learn More


Ensure you have collected all your belongings before locking the car.


Inform our team of any toll charges & if you called roadside assistance if you require further information about process


Hand your keys over to our team or where applicable use our dropbox facilities


Our team will typically ask you how your journey was and wish you safe travel. 


Our team will then run their checks and close off your rental if there are no issues

Dropbox Examples


Understanding Damage

At Enterprise Australia, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We understand that unforeseen events can occur during your journey, which is why we want to assure you that we are here to support you every step of the way. In the event of an accident or any damage to the rental vehicle, we kindly request you to immediately submit a ticket to our dedicated customer support team. Our experienced professionals will promptly address your concerns, guide you through the necessary procedures, and work diligently to ensure a smooth resolution. Rest assured that we are committed to providing the best assistance possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels with peace of mind. Thank you for choosing Enterprise Rent-A-Car Australia, and we look forward to serving you. Safe travels!

If you have had an accident along your journey please fill in our Damage Report

For information about what we consider damage, visit our Damage Page

Understanding Tolls


Electronic Toll Road Pass (E-Tag) & Toll Road Charges: Australia has a significant number of toll roads in particular Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney all of which are cashless. Tolls vary dependant on the road used and the length of the journey. Every rental vehicle is fitted with an electronic toll pass. If a Customer travels through a toll collection point, the Customers credit card will be charged for the toll and an administration fee.


The charge can be delayed by up to a month or more dependent on when the notification is received by us from the toll road operator. If a valid email address is on file then a revised rental receipt will be emailed advising of the toll road charges.

If you bring your own device you do risk being charged twice, once for the device fitted in the vehicle and once by your own toll road provider.

Understanding your Pre-Authorisation


Pre-authorisation is a procedure where a temporary hold is placed on your credit card for a specific amount before handing over the car. This is done to ensure that the customer has sufficient funds to cover potential damages, additional fees, or unpaid charges that may occur during the rental period. Once the rental is returned without any issues, the hold is released, and the actual rental charges are processed. Holds may take up to 28 days to be released automatically out of our system.


If you don't owe additional charges, this release may show up different in your bank account and does not show as a charge. Instead the previous hold line item will be removed. This will look different to a refund.


For information about hold amounts click here

Below is an example of what a Pre-Authorisation release may look like.


Pre- Authorisation Release (right)


Refund (wrong)

Further questions

If you have questions that we haven’t been able to answer for you, here’s how to reach us:

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