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Pre Authorisation

The rental location will require a pre-authorisation of 200.00 AUD at the commencement of the rental.

Commercial vehicles occur a pre-authorisation of 500.00 AUD at the commencement of the rental.


However, if the local renter criteria below are met, the rental location will require a pre-authorisation amount of 1,000.00 AUD along with your license & proof of residency such as a current utility bill in addition to the rental charge:

• Lives within the greater metropolitan area of the city in which the vehicle is collected

• Is a first time renter with Enterprise, National or Alamo, and

• Is not a Corporate Renter


For the pre-authorisation of 200.00-500.00 AUD, the rental location will accept all major credit cards and Visa or Mastercard debit cards. For pre-authorisation of 1,000.00 AUD for local renters, the rental location will only accept major bank issued credit cards. Cash is not acceptable for the payment of the rental or for pre-authorisation

Understanding your Pre-Authorisation

Pre-authorisation is a procedure where a temporary hold is placed on your credit card for a specific amount before handing over the car. This is done to ensure that the customer has sufficient funds to cover potential damages, additional fees, or unpaid charges that may occur during the rental period. Once the rental is returned without any issues, the hold is released, and the actual rental charges are processed. Holds may take up to 28 days to be released automatically out of our system.

If your Pre-Authorisation remains active on your statement 14 days after return, please contact our team.

If you don't owe additional charges, this release may show up different in your bank account and does not show as a charge. Instead the previous hold line item will be removed. This will look different to a refund.

Below is an example of what a Pre-Authorisation release may look like.


Pre- Authorisation Release (right)


Refund (wrong)

Pre-Authorisation Hold Amounts

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