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Vehicle Damage


Vehicle Damage Policy

This policy details what happens in the unlikely event of nicks, scratches and whatnot, and who to talk to if you need help resolving an issue. Read our Full Terms & Conditions for more Info.

What is your vehicle damage liability?

The vehicle damage liability levels vary depending on brand and class of car. To find out more review our vehicle damage liability table.

Getting yourself covered

To ensure minimum stress when hiring a car from us, read this part of the guide to understand your ability to reduce your damage liability amount. Read about your protection here.

Understanding Vehicle Codes

Want to understand what each vehicle code means? Check out our class code table.

Minimum age for each car class
Damage Liability & Cover - By Brand

*Prices are in AUD and include GST

Vehicle Damage Policy


Where possible We rent vehicles without damage, however where circumstances prevent this and a vehicle is rented with existing damage it will be recorded on The Existing Damage Report on the Rental Agreement and brought to your attention. We will not rent out Vehicles with damage which renders it to be unroadworthy or in any way unsafe to drive or unfit for its purpose.


How do we record existing damage?

We will inspect all vehicles before the rental period commences and note any damage on the Pre Rental Inspection Report and unless repaired subsequently the damage will also be recorded on the Existing Damage Report on the Rental Agreement.


Any damage is recorded in a coding system using both numbers and letters. The numbers represent panels or areas on the vehicle, and the letters represent the type of damage. An explanation or key to this coding can be found on the Vehicle Damage Report.


If you notice any damage not recorded on the Existing Damage Report upon collection of the Vehicle you must immediately report this to us and we will verify and record the damage.


How do we determine vehicle damage?

When you return the Vehicle we will inspect it. Most Vehicle damage is determined by a visual check over the body, interior, tools and accessories of the Vehicle. Where mechanical or undercarriage damage is involved, professional inspection will be required.

You are held responsible for all damage to the Vehicle until the inspection is completed even if the damage may have occurred after you have left the Vehicle and before our inspection is completed. We will use our best endeavours to assess and report all new damage to you within a reasonable time.

What is damage for which you are liable?

The damage present on the Vehicle upon return from rental will either be new damage or fair wear and tear. The following will not be considered fair wear and tear and you will be charged accordingly:

  • Body: Any holes, tears, scratches more than 20mm long, dents greater than 20mm in diameter and or 2mm in depth and all scrapes that cause paint damage.

  • Glass: Any damage to any glass panel on the vehicle

  • Lights: Any holes, chips, bullseyes, scrapes or scratches longer than 20 mm

  • Tyres: Any split, torn, mismatched, retreaded or disfigured tyres

  • Wheels: Any damage which disfigures or makes the wheel unroadworthy

  • Interior Damage: Any burns, tears, holes, stains, extensive odours on any upholstery or interior trim item

  • Underbody: Any cracks, holes, exhaust or under body damage

  • Accessories and Equipment: Any item missing or damaged

You will be held liable for any damage as a result of unauthorised repair in addition to the above.

How do we know if damage is new?

Any damage that is not recorded on the Rental Agreement (i.e. noted on the Existing Damage Report and any additional information about existing damage noted on the Vehicle Damage Report) at the time of rental will be considered new damage. We will confirm this by referring to the Pre Rental Inspection Report.


How and when do you pay for damage?

You are liable for damage occurring to the Vehicle during the rental. Except in case of theft, and provided you are not in breach of the Rental Agreement Your liability is only up to the amount noted on Rental Agreement Part A “Loss or Damage Liability” or “LDL”.

The LDL is payable immediately at the end of the Rental Agreement or earlier as may be required by us.

When vehicle damage and all costs have been assessed you will receive a letter outlining costs to repair the vehicle, charges for the time and loss of use of the Vehicle, towing and storage charges, third party claims and the our claims administration fee.

When the vehicle is repaired and any other claims have been settled any monies remaining from the LDL collected from you will be refunded to you.


How are third party claims handled?

In the event that there is a third party involved who was at fault we will attempt to recover all costs from the third party provided recovery is commercially viable at our discretion.

Your LDL will be refunded in full only if we are able to recover all costs.

If you receive a claim for damage from a third party, you should send the letter or claim to us within seven days from receipt. If you believe the third party claim is fraudulent, you must tell us.

Provided you have not breached the Rental Agreement We will act on your behalf until settlement of the claim. But if you have breached the Rental Agreement we will not act on your behalf and you will be liable for all costs.


Who repairs our vehicles?

In the event of damage to the Vehicle we shall select the repairer. The repairer must be a licensed repairer who is endorsed by our Insurers and who will carry out quality repairs using only genuine replacement parts.

We will carry out repairs to the Vehicle in a way so as to minimise your costs and time off the road taking into account availability of parts, repairer workload and our existing bookings provided the Vehicle remains roadworthy.


How do we resolve conflicts?

Disputes may arise over liability for damage, the cost of repairs and other matters relating to Vehicle damage. Our conflict resolution process does not affect your rights at law.

Where you believe you have been dealt with unfairly by us or if you believe we have made an error you should raise your concerns with The Claims Manager whose contact address and telephone number appear at the end of this document.

If you and the Claims Manager are unable to reach a settlement your case will be reviewed by the Senior Manager, Business Administration.


Contact Details

“The Claims Manager”.
Phone: 61 2 8303 2205
Redspot Head Office Pty Ltd [ABN 60 607 643 416]
PO Box 886
Mascot NSW 1460


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